Indian Head Golf Park
A Complete Golf Learning Facility

Family Fun
Driving Range - Open 7 days!
8 am - 11 PM
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Indian Head Golf Park
Fore Hundred Old Northport Road
Kings Park, NY 11754
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Golf is the game of a lifetime, rich in tradition and history.  The sport offers competition, companionship, and sheer enjoyment.  When we play golf, we act on our perception, experience, beliefs and moods.  Many elements characterize this sport that can revitalize and rejuvenate: the dawn of a new day, the ambience, an improved score and time spent with family, friends and clients.

There is the sensation of self-accomplishment, the thrill one experiences improving one's skills, the spirit of camaraderie, an escape from daily routines and pressures as well as understanding our approaches and attitudes in life and learning.

At Indian Head Gold Park, we feature a variety of programs to introduce, teach and improve the game for junior golfers!
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